NHIO Provides $20 Million in Cash & Prizes for New England PGA Event

Dubbed the “Greatest Day In Golf,” the BENRUS Open is a New England PGA conducted event featuring cash and prizes valued at over $20 million. This prestigious, high-stakes event draws both amateur and professional golfers from far and wide.

Unlike most tournaments, the BENRUS Open is complex event to provide prize coverage for, due to the number of par three holes and mix of both pro and amateur players. Given the complexity, number and amounts of the prize packages, the event organizers needed hole-in-one and other prize coverage they could count on along with industry event expertise to select prize packages that would draw a crowd.

Auto Dealer Golf Sponsorships

How to Score a Deal When Choosing Your Hole In One Coverage Provider

As an auto dealer, you know how much customers appreciate a great deal and superior service. It’s something you strive to deliver every day and there’s no reason you shouldn’t expect the same level of satisfaction from your vendors.

When it comes to participating in a promotional golf event, you want a Hole in One Coverage Provider who is dependable, understands your industry and can deliver the best options, prices and service. But how do you know that your provider is the right choice? What should you look for in a coverage provider to ensure you are receiving both the product AND service you need?

Here are the questions you should ask to determine the right provider to work with:

Do They Understand Your Industry?

Swag Bags that Make Them Swoon

Swag Bags That Make Them Swoon

Gifts that Players Remember (and That Make Them Come Back)

As a tournament coordinator, I know that there is nothing like a top-notch thank you gift to start great buzz during a tournament. Not only do players love the surprises they find in our gift bags, some of them are enough to encourage them to do more to support a cause or even return next year. When I find items like that, I always try to encourage my clients to use them, because they create a long-term investment in the supporters of their cause that pays back for years to come.

Planning Your Golf Tournament

When it comes to pulling off a successful event, luck always favors the prepared. With decades of tournament planning experience behind us, the Nationwide Hole In One team wanted to share some tips to help you plan your next golf tournament with minimal stress and maximum fun!

Tournament Tips from Nationwide Hole In One

5 Tournament Day Tips to Maximize Player Satisfaction

Any successful tournament director will tell you that ranking as a top level tournament can only come from top level player satisfaction. Whether held just once or annually, your tournament should be "branded" as a top quality event that all the players and participants remember fondly in order to best support your charity today and in the future. 

Outstanding event management is all in the details, but here are our 5 top tips for ensuring that your players walk away with an experience to remember:

Putting Contest for Charity

How A Putting Contest Can Increase Participation and Fundraising for your Charity Event

Many fundraising golf tournaments attract both seasoned golfers and well as novices who are happy to support the charity but may not be the most competitive players in the game. Engaging both types of players, as well as those in between, creates an event that is fun, memorable as well as profitable for the charity. Putting Contests offer an appeal to all levels of golfer and can help to enhance a charity's overall yield.

Putting contests are a simple idea that all golfers can enjoy. While a skilled short game brings better chance of success, golfers of all ages, size and skill can participate and enjoy their experience. Cash prizes of $5,000, $10,000 or even up to $25,000 are a great incentive for anyone to put a little more "skin" in the game.