Putting Contest for Charity

Many fundraising golf tournaments attract both seasoned golfers and well as novices who are happy to support the charity but may not be the most competitive players in the game. Engaging both types of players, as well as those in between, creates an event that is fun, memorable as well as profitable for the charity. Putting Contests offer an appeal to all levels of golfer and can help to enhance a charity's overall yield.

Putting contests are a simple idea that all golfers can enjoy. While a skilled short game brings better chance of success, golfers of all ages, size and skill can participate and enjoy their experience. Cash prizes of $5,000, $10,000 or even up to $25,000 are a great incentive for anyone to put a little more "skin" in the game.

One of the most successful methods we use to raise money for a charity and encourage participation from tournament players is a Putting Qualifier Round. In the Qualifier, participants are charged a small entrance fee, as little as $10, for a chance to qualify for the Putting Contest. The tournament coordinator can give each golfer 2, 4 or more tries to qualify, as your contest rules allow. Depending on the size of your tournament, you can elect to have several rounds of elimination to narrow the field to the top contestants, and build an audience around the putting area to add excitement.

The qualified participants then move on to to the Putting Contest, where the top players compete for the grand prize. This event finale brings additional excitement to your tournament, making it a memorable event for both the participants in the contest as well as the audience. 

Our experience has shown that 95% of players in a tournament will take part in a putting contest, which can raise significant funds for a charity. For example, a full field of 144 players can easily raise $1,440 for the charity, with a qualifying fee of just $10. Depending on the rules you set and fees you charge, your tournament can raise additional funds easily while creating a memorable event for your players.