When you secure hole in one insurance through Nationwide Hole in One, we provide you with prize indemnification and we then can offer prizes for hole in one and putting contests at modest fee's.  Nationwide Hole in One is NOT an insurance company and does NOT issue insurance policies. We provide hole in one and other golf indemnity protection and maintain A rated insurance to secure our client committments.

Coverage fee’s are determined by the following 3 factors:

  • Number of players
  • The distance of the target hole
  • The value of the grand prize

Once you place your order, we send you an invoice which must be paid before the start of the tournament for coverage to be in place.  We also send you the contest terms and conditions which MUST be signed and returned to us before the start of the event.  Coverage will NOT be in effect if these documents are not returned to us before start of the event.  We then will ship you the appropriate signage that comes with your coverage to the destination that you choose whether it be to the golf course or to a business or residence.  All shipments are processed through UPS and signage will arrive at the selected destination approximately 5 days before the start of your tournament.

To learn more about Hole In One Contests and ideas about how you can use one to help fundraise for your event, please contact us and a team member will be happy to provide you with more information. To order a Hole in One prize package for your event, just follow these easy steps...

Choose one of our exciting prize packages or call us at 866.813.3709 to create a custom grand prize for your event! One of our friendly golf event experts can help you choose just the right contest or prize package for your golf tournament.

We will provide you with a quote by phone and send you an email with all the details. You can also use our easy Price Quote Calculator to receive an instant estimate on your selected grand prize.

Simply reply to your price quote email to secure your coverage, it's that easy! We will handle all the logistics for your package and ship the appropriate signage directly to you or the golf course approximately 5 days before the start of your tournament.

Visit our Instant Quote page to receive your online quote today!

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"I sponsor Hole in One events all over the country for my customers and over the years.  I have used several different insurance providers for my events. I switched to Nationwide Hole in One earlier this year and I can tell you the service, the response time, the various offerings and the low premiums put their service head and shoulders above the rest."

"I highly recommend Nationwide Hole in One!"


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